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Transcription Needed

ACE FISHING SEASON 2: Episode 1, The Pilot

Page 1
1. My name is Elena Menounos

2. When I was driving my 2011 supercharged pony to Christmas shopping,

3. an incoming call from one of my friends

4. telling to join Ace Fishing.

5. Ace Fishing is a TRUE smartphone fishing game beyond words, fun, innovative, superior, hardcore and open world

6. just to name a few...

7. just like its players.

Page 2
1. So in last Xmas 2015, I joined the fishing world.

2. To most people, am a certified medical interpreter.

3. I drive my pony daily to work and my gt stang 07 on weekend, enjoying the warm sun and the refreshing ocean breeze.

4. But in secret, I join a fishing guild to protect the ocean from overfishing and anyone that means to cause it harm.

5. I am ninja mustang!

ACE FISHING SEASON 2: Episode 2, So Basic

Page 1
1. The fundamental movements are

2. left, right, up, down

3. just like any moving objects on land, water and air.

4. A boost is always a plus.

5. Ace Fishing is SO BASIC with 4 basic skills

6. This is why Ace Fishing number 1


Page 2
1. I drive my pony at posted limit speed but love to steer and accelerate,

2. even floor it hoping that brake pedal will save me.

3. Tickets I got a few.

4. if the ocean has no waves and pirates, I am bored protecting it.

5. Life is always a challenge, fishing is another.

6. I am ninja mustang


ACE FISHING SEASON 2: Episode 3, Have Fun

Page 1
1. I took three weeks vacation to Rio de Janeiro with my two best friends, Becky and Jing.

2. Becky is an underwater cinematographer

3. Jing is a certified Wing Chun instructor

4. Becky and Jing are surely having fun at the beach

5. Meanwhile, somewhere in the Amazon rivers, Terra de Cachoeireas

6. I fell into the fast flowing Rio Negro and was being hunted by piranhas

Page 2
1. WWEF is a secret ninja code containing 4 basic elements

2. WWEF secret code travels across the world

3. At that same moment, somewhere in Yangtze rivers...

4. I am the hope of the universe... light in the darkness. I am truth!

5. Look like you needed a hand huh! What's your name?

6. I am ninja mustang


ACE FISHING SEASON 2: Episode 4, Poseidon and Dragon
Page 1
1. Back at home...

2. In my reading room I searched through an unsorted list

3. I picked out a book, Poseidon and Dragon

4. Honored by the Water world. Dragon reel commands aquatic creatures. Who dares to disobey? If Poseidon rod does not appear, who can challenge it?

5. The wielder of them rules the Water world.

6. Becky and Jing look excited... yet starved

Page 2
1. Whoaaa... that is one big Kraken

2. We went to the kitchen preparing dinner

3. Octopus scampi recipe in 10 minutes

4. Yummy yummy in the tummy

5. I am ninja mustang


ACE FISHING SEASON 2: Episode 5, Goddess of Cats

Page 1

1. Bastet...

2. She was native to Bubastis in the Nile River delta.

3. In ancient Egyptian goddess, Bastet was depicted as a lioness warrior deity and later on as a cat Goddess. She rpotected the land and can even catch big fish.

4. A giant Nile perch can reach up to 7 feet long that can be found in lakes, rivers, Nile delta and Mediterranean sea region.

5. Powerful accessories can inflict additional damage when equipped.

Page 2
1. I took my friend's cat out fishing

2. Coco, she can run as fast as a cheetah

3. and has strength to climb Mount Everest.

4. Furthermore, she can even catch fish.

5. I wish I can be as powerful as catwoman.

6. I am ninja mustang


ACE FISHING SEASON 2: Episode 7, No Worries Mate

Page 1
1. Have fun!

2. Hurry...

3. Welcome to Australia!

4. Thanks!

5. Okay, let's find it!

Page 2
6. Cool gadget!

7. It can detect fish emotion.

8. Oh oh, we got one near us.

9. No worries mate!

10. I am ninja mustang