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Welcome to Amazon! You've reached Ninja level.

What is my playing style?
Hardcore - high; master, sifu, sensei, hardcore gamer
Ninja - medium; amateur, mid-level gamer
Apprentice - low; beginner, casual player

Ace Fishing uses similar grading system, 1-10 level Guild.

Depend on your playing style, you may change it to best fit you.


Opening Treasure Chests
Use all 10m, 15m gold in one pull and hopefully you will get a Fire Fox (ff) rod/reel. Use all yours golden keys to open Golden Chest and hopefully you will get a White Dragon (wd) rod/reel. Like most suggested to pull after midnight or before or after tournament starts.

Unfortunately, it is so random and left many empty handed. I myself did not get any rod/reel, never mind about ff and wd. I ended buying metal gears. If I go back in time, I will just spend 1.5m gold for a 2*Kevlar rod/reel. Both can be powered up to 10k, total 20k damage and enough to complete Amazon map. I had metal rod and reel, powered to 5+ and had 20k damage in total to complete Amazon map.

This section may not be a guide but you can certainly use it as reference.


Buy Hidden Lures from Ashley
Yes, whenever possible buy every hidden lure from her. You won't regret it. Keep and stockpile them.


Level Up Fast
Play your highest level map. If you can't catch a fish, let it go, don't retry. Save your cash as much as possible.


How much damage on rod/reel to complete Amazon?
20k damage. You can have 15k on rod and 5k on reel. I own a Cherry Full bloom 5* 10+ (15k dmg) and an Espada 5* 10+ (4k dmg). They are my best big fish (bf) gears at the moment. During fever mode, I can catch fish on Mediterranean also. Depend on your swiping and tapping skill, you may need more or less damage.

All my fish are S or SS, thanks to my cherry and espada gears.

More will be provided soon.