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I'm a team player of KingFishery, battle leaders combine to form unparalleled guild.

Each guild has its own rules and guidelines.

KingFishery offers exceptional opportunity for high achievers to grow with us:

Activate minimum 5 buffs daily
Damage, yanking and power skill buffs for 12 hours
Gold buff goes on 24/7
Big fish buff for Guild Wars

KingFishery's Rules and Guidelines
Guild Master: Members who fail to register a hit on the final scoreboard in guild war are entitled to max 2%. There is no cap on bf players, just no deliberate 'brushing' for %. Please do not apply if you can't meet my guild requirement every week or disagree with my rules on guild war. I run this guild just like in any biz. I will reward my top performer with the highest reward and protect him from those who leech. Whoever contributes the most, have to get the most.