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I am ninja mustang.

My Ace Fishing username is ninjamustang. There are many ninja mustang online if you google it. No, I'm not any of ninja mustang from sushi bars, mod cars, Ford Mustang forums, youtube, etc.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ford Mustangs are my assets and I combined them into ninjamustang.

"It's all Greek to me"

I'm 100% Greek. I'd like Ace Fishing in-game interface to have Greek language support.
Sea God Poseidon in Greek Mythology is God of the Sea, horses and earthquakes. It is the best rod/reel in the game... would like to see it as Ποσειδών. Titan is evolved from it, another Greek God.

Moving on... chronological timeline

How to get 2bf, 3bf on 1 pearl? (see details)

I have sgp rod and reel 10+ with psd ysd bf. I can catch Australia 3rd map A grade boss and trying to catch Yangtze secret boss with acc 360. I think I need 400.

Jan 2017  
  July 2016

Unlocked Australia 1st map

Unlocked Yangtze map by catching A grade and higher.
Accessories level 152

Level 76, unlocked Mediterranean level 80 using 260 cash

Caught Emperor Blue Hook (level 124) in relay, 1st attempt

Episode 4 completed (Greek version)
Episode 3 completed

Amazon secret fish completed

Accessories increased to 85hp, accuracy, cr & cd

June 2016  
  May 2016

Episode 2 comic completed goes public!

3 weeks vacation in Rio de Janeiro

Episode 1 comic completed

Purchased for game guide and comic episodes

Joined KingFishery guild

Fish book S and SS fish, some SSS

Level 72, 2 10+1 chest pulls for ab and sgp acquired

Joined a guild and caught SSS wild fish on Amazon

Ace Fishing season 2 episode 1 & 2 manuscripts were written and posted on Hive forum

Banned language in Hive forum making me difficult to write. I started to insert . everywhere such as s.a.r.c.a.s.m, g.u.i.l.d

Contacted com2us requesting in-game Greek language support

Cherry full bloom rod 5* acquired from event

April 2016  
  March 2016

Level 56, total gameplay 76hrs
Equipments: 3* metal rod & reel, power-up both to 5+.

Ended up buying metal gears. I strongly recommend you don't do this. Save gold and cash.

Level 50, opened chest using all 15m gold or more, no rod/reel

Xmas 2015, I joined Ace Fishing December 2015  



2 big fish on 1 pearl

2017 result

I believe this method has better chance and luck.
1. Save up 50m gold
2. 50 available pearl slots
3. Open chest for bf pearl
4. Once storage is full, dis all non-bf pearl
5. Repeat until you get 10 or more pearls of 1 bf prop
6. Make sure you have enough materials to evo all 10 at a time

Pearl Evo Material Attempts Result Date
Any 1bf non-bf prop 4 1 2bf 1/15/17
Any 1bf non-bf prop 10 failed 1/15/17
Any 1bf non-bf prop 9 1 2bf 1/15/17
Any 1bf non-bf prop 12 1 2bf 1/19/17
Any 1bf non-bf prop 10 failed 1/20/17
Any 1bf non-bf prop 10 failed 1/20/17
Any 1bf non-bf prop 6 1 2bf 2/2/17

Note: The moment you get 2bf, stop. Save up 10 bf again before retry.

How to make 3bf pearl?
Save up 10 2bf pearls and evo. Good luck!


2016 result
I expanded my tackle to 150 slots. I started off by buying wooden spinning rod for 7,600 gold and dissassemble it for pearl, added exp and evolved to 1*. I dissassembled if I didn't get bf, ysd, psd or dmg properties of high percentage (3% and higher). I managed to get about 100 bf normal after thousands of them. I spent about 25m gold.

Pearl Item Attempts Result
1* normal bf 4 normal bf 20 20 failed


This new method seems to be working

Pearl Item Item Attempts Result Date
1* black bf 1* golden bf 3 normal ysd (4%, 4.5% & 5%) 3 1 passed 6/22/2016
1* normal bf 1* normal bf 3 normal ysd (5%) 1 1 passed 6/23/2016
1* normal bf 1* normal bf 3 normal ysd (3% and lower) 1 1 failed 6/23/2016

Is it luck? Maybe. However, it gives us some hope on bf than just some random xp, gold or Hawaiian dmg.

Players who also succeeded in 2 bf on 1 pearl evolution

Hive Id Pearl Item Item Attempts Result Date
Luis8989 1* gold bf 1* gold bf 3 gold ysd of 5% 1st attempt 1 passed 6/24/2016


Bonus pearl evolution testing

Pearl Item Item Attempts Result Date
1* normal dmg 1* normal bonus dmg 3 normal psd of any % 1 1 passed 6/24/2016


Property Percent
Big Fish 5.5
Gold 5.5
XP Bonus 5.5
Additional Damage 5.5
Bonus Damage 5.5
Small Fish Damage 5.5
Large Fish Damage 5.5
Hawaiian Damage 5.5
Minnetonka Damage 5.5
Mariana Damage 5.5
Amazon Damage 5.5
Mediterreanean Damage 5.5
Yangtze Damage 5.5
Freshwater Damage 5.5
Saltwater Damage 5.5
Power Skill Damage 5.5
Yanking Skill Damage 5.5