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1. What is Ace Fishing?
2. Who created Ace Fishing?
3. 4 Basic Skills
4. Useful Terms and Abbreviations
5. Free Players
6. Equipment Evolution (Espada)
7. Paid Players
8. Hive Forum Tip


1. What is Ace Fishing?
Ace Fishing is a fun fishing game. It supports iOS and Androids devices. Play now and have fun.

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2. Who created Ace Fishing?
com2us created Ace Fishing and Gamevil acquired it in 2013.

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3. 4 Basic Skills
Yank left, yank right, power up and release. That's all there is to this game, 4 basic moves. Your tapping and yanking skills will improve as you level up. Don't forget to use Skill Practice Room.

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4. Useful Terms and Abbreviations

Name Abbr. Short Description Long Description
Big Fish bf Pearl, rod/reel with big fish is a plus for bf catch The most important of all properties. Having 1 bf is good, but 2 bf or 3 bf on 1 pearl will give bigger fish, may even break world record
Credit Card cc Use cc to make purchase Same as short description
Critical Damage cd Accessories property Critical damage is important for catching fish, required tapping skill
Critical Rate cr Accessories property Critical rate is important for catching fish, required tapping skill
Damage dmg damage in % or value baseline dmg of ff is 8000
Power Skill Damage psd Very important A rod/reel with psd and ysd help catching fish easier
Swipe   swipe cc or swipe as in yank left/right  
Yank   pull left or right Yanking is very important in this game in order to catch fish
Yanking Skill Damage ysd Very important A rod/reel with psd and ysd help catching fish easier
Fire Fox ff Level 50 rod/reel Can be obtained from opening Golden/Silver Treasure Chest or evolved from 3* Kevlar
White Dragon wd Level 50 rod/reel Can be obtained from opening Golden Treasure Chest or evolved from Fire Fox
Aqua Blast ab Level 72 rod/reel Can be obtained from opening Golden/Silver Treasure Chest or evolved from Metal
Sea God Poseidon sgp Level 72 rod/reel Can be obtained from opening Golden Treasure Chest or evolved from Aqua Blast
Titan sgp Currently the best rod/reel in game Can be evolved from 2 sgp (1 main and 1 material). For high success rate, at least 1 sgp needs to be powered up to 10+ using premium or cash.

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5. Free Players
You can reach level 50 in about 50 hours playing it. Ace Fishing will give you rod, reel, lures, and lines to help you catch fish and level up. At level 17, you will receive new rod and reel with 4000 dmg on each. They help you catch fish easily. If you find it difficult to catch certain fish, give up and don't retry. You can come back later when your tapping skill improved or wait til fever mode is activated. Save up gold and cash as much as you can to open treasure chests.

Read - Yes, read every word and every line in the game to understand fully. I know I did and still have many questions.
Guild - Join a guild. Try to get into a guild with 60% gold buff otherwise any guild. You can play alone or as a team. I prefer team.
- Craft fish to get hidden lures and use them to catch hidden fish. Activate your one-time a day Fever Mode to help catching it.

Hidden Lures crafting

Map Fish Star
Mariana Crevalle Jack 4*
Amazon Piraiba 4*
Mediterranean If you are between level 72 and 96, craft any fish All

Note: If you are on Mediterranean, then craft Crevalle or Piraiba to get hidden lures on previous map.

Gold - Join a guild. Play secret spot to get collect more gold.
Pearls - Equip pearls to your rod/reel and evolve them, the higher the better. 5* pearl is the best with 5 properties; dmg, big fish, rarity, ysd and psd, etc.
Accessories - You can disassemble your unwanted pearls to obtain powder. Power it up as much as you can for help catching secret spot fish.

I originally did not read and level up my accessories until I reached level 50. At level 73, my accessories are 55hp 39 39 40, way too low.

Superboost - Initially it has 100. Try to level up as high as possible.
Rod/reel - Don't power up, don't evolve. Just use whatever the game gives you. Once you've reached level 50, check Amazon Player's Guide section.

This table shows a baseline of dmg without pearls and guild buffs. Tapping skill is varied depending on players. Make sure to equip pearls and long lines to catch bf.

Map Rod damage Reel damage Up to level Comment
Mariana 4,000 4,000 50 You will get both rod and reel at level 17 with 4000 dmg.
Amazon 8,000 8,000 72 At level 50, open treasure chests for ff or wd. Random luck.
Mediterranean 10,000 10,000 72 & higher At level 72, open treasure chests for ab or sgp. Random luck.
Yangtze n/a n/a n/a Will update in future once I get there

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6. Equipment Evolution (Espada)
The easiest bf is Espada rod/reel and only using gold

Below is a 4000 dmg 5* Espada reel evolved from wooden round rod/reel (15,200 gold each). It can catch any fish at level 71 and below. S adn SS fish on level 64 Rio Negro may need to equip a dmg buff.
Note: Tapping and yanking skills are varied on players.

1. Buy 5 2* wooden round rod (15,200 x 5 = 76,200 gold)
2. Evolve 2* wooden round rod using 1 main wooden round and 4 wooden round for materials
Note: Remember to use the main rod with bf property
3. Evolve will cost 14,000 gold with 50% success rate
4. If successful, 3* wooden casting rod will be shown
5. Repeat step 1 to 4 to get 3 more of 3* wooden casting rod
6. Evolve it to 4* and then 5* espada
Note: If evolution failed, don't worry. Retry and you will get it. I believe I failed about 3 or 4 times.
7. Once acquired, equip 3 bf pearl into 3 slots for bf catch

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7. Paid Players
I recommend spending $19.99 to buy Starter Pack for rod ($9.99) and reel ($9.99). Each gives you 4000 damage to easily reach level 50 much faster than I did. If I were to go back or start a new character, I would spend this money for the rod and reel. Whenever you can, power them up to 10+ and you can use it on Amazon map.

Big Fish - Save every pearl with big fish property on it. Equip it to your rod/reel for catching bigger fish.
I attempted to craft 2 bf on 1 pearl but failed. Will update again with passed/failed on 2 bf crafting on 1 pearl.

Limited Lines - If you see the game offering 13k ft lines, BUY IT! :) No, I don't work for Ace Fishing. Make sure you only use it on retry. Treat it like diamond.

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8. Hive Forum Tip

A centralized location where players post their messages in any language, mostly in English. This forum prevents profanity and commonly used words. You can use the F.A.R.T (Find And Replace Text) method to get around it.

For instance:

"my guild leader tried to contact customer support but he got a message saying banned language"

Use F.A.R.T or your creativity and write something like

"my g.u.i.l.d tried to co.n.t.act su.pp.ort but he got a ba.nn.ed"

Banned language Cause Resolution
customer user needs to contact com2us customer support c.u.s.t.o.m.e.r
guild a group of 50 players g.u.i.l.d
sarcasm double meaning, show irration or funny s.a.r.c.a.s.m
support user needs to contact com2us customer support s.u.p.p.o.r.t
"hello" double quotations not accepted hello quote on quote
'yihaa' single quotation not accepted either yihaa
& ampersand sign will conflict with forum coding script n

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